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The link to reset the password does not work through all mail programs.
This can be solved by copying the link itself and pasting it in the browser, so the password can still be renewed.

Parts quickly search the site:
For parts, tires, models and stickers to quickly find, you can at "Site search" in the left bar type a keyword or the first few letters of the desired item.

The site then searches all items there where the letters of your typed query for coming.
So you'll be right at a component that you do not remember the exact category or description.
(If you type the number of the part, you'll be right on out.)

Furthermore, we have created as many categories in the left column of this text, to make searching easier.

Your account information:
Your can login with your password in the column "Login".
(If you do not have an account yet, you can create it or do it automatically with the first order.)
Then you can click on "Your Account" and there view the complete (order) history of the orders placed by you.
There you can also change your personal data and your password.

Please note we do not have access to your password, so make a note of it yourself sometime.
If the password is lost yet, please send us an email with your name and email address, and we will delete your account so you can create a new account .....

How to buy?
You can see all parts, models, bands and stickers
order from this site.
The site is divided into several categories.
In it you will find more than 11.000 different parts, tires and stickers.
You can also type in the left column under "site search" keyword.
The site then searches all items with the keyword you together.

Factory Warehouse: here you can find all our models that we (usually) have in stock.
However, you can buy us all common models, which we can supply you at competitive prices.
Siku, Weise, UH, Wiking, Schuco to Britains, everything is possible ......
Question there feel free to through the mail or via the contact form.
We have weekly shipments within, so time is not a problem ...

Our prices incl. VAT, so you will not be surprised.

Logos / stickers:
Because we produce the lettering, it is possible to provide (your) miniatures of you designed logo and / or name, or logo and / or the name of your favorite contractor.
Look for examples in the "Company names and logos."

If you have questions about any items (yet) on the site, you can use the button "contact" ask your question ....
If you want to order more than the stock allows you to indicate this in the column "note" of the order ...

Many viewing, reading and shopping pleasure.
If you have suggestions and / or comments or suggestions, please let us know.

Sincerely, team
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